Negotiating to Win (I)

When it’s the result that counts!


Seminar goals

Whether it’s allocating resources for a project, funding a new initiative, dealing with suppliers, securing capital or even applying for a new job, negotiation and interactive decision-making skills are important for people in many different roles across a company – not just those in full-time sales positions.

Our Negotiating to Win (I) seminar will help you to gain a better understanding of different decision-making strategies, understand and use your personal tendencies in the face of conflict, and learn to powerfully maximise these to become a more effective negotiator. A highly qualified trainer facilitates this intensive two-day experience-based seminar, emphasising the practical application of skills learned through role plays with video feedback.


    • Understand the negotiation process and various negotiating styles
    • Plan the strategy that works for each negotiation context
    • Evaluate a best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA)
    • Build your own repertoire of tactics
    • Recognise the most common manipulative tactics used by difficult people (and learn strategies for neutralising their effects)
    • Structure and organise your arguments for an international audience
    • Understand the role of ethics in negotiation
    • Determine your style of communication and adjust it to get the results you want
    • Identify resistance (and get past it!)

    Target group

    Negotiating to Win seminars are aimed at everyone from entry-level employees to chief executives who are confronted with negotiating change, agreements, sales, cost issues, budgets, new business … in short, anyone who needs to convince others. If you are an experienced negotiator and want to attend our negotiation “master class” read about our Negotiating to Win (II) seminar.

    At a glance

    • Two days
    • In-company seminar – max. 6 participants; dates and prices available on request
    • Seminar at an EnglishBusiness training centre – max. 6 participants; locations, dates and prices available on request