English for Finance

Helping your numbers do the talking


Language seminar goals

Business professionals working in the financial sector have extremely specialised and unique English communication needs. The terms and vocabulary required in this field, as well as the ability to explain these terms clearly and concisely, can be especially challenging for non-native English speakers in an international business environment. Our English for Finance language seminar is designed for bankers, auditors, accountants, analysts, bookkeepers and anyone facing the challenge of understanding, illustrating, discussing, reporting on or presenting financial information in English. A highly qualified trainer with experience in the financial sector will help you overcome your language weaknesses and avoid common mistakes. Real financial data from annual reports and other current financial publications are used to ensure the highest topic relevance and applicability.


A typical two-day programme covers a selection of the following topics:

  • Expanding vocabulary related to accounting and bookkeeping
  • Describing types of assets
  • Reporting profit and loss
  • Reading and understanding financial statements
  • Communicating company law
  • Discussing topics such as bankruptcy and auditing

Additional information

Every language seminar can be further tailored to accommodate the specific needs and goals of the participants. The small group size (3–6 participants) allows for individual feedback and maximises speaking time. The minimum language requirement for this language seminar is intermediate (B1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference).

Not sure about your level or wondering if this is the right language seminar for you? Make an appointment for an English evaluation to get started. Dates and prices are available on request.

At a glance

  • Two days
  • In-company seminar – max. 6 participants; dates and prices available on request
  • Seminar at an EnglishBusiness training centre – max. 6 participants; locations, dates and prices available on request