Negotiating to Win (II)

The master class for experienced negotiators


Seminar goals

You can negotiate, but can you excel in tough, multicultural negotiations too? Can you work within a small bargaining zone, handle complex team negotiations, manage difficult personalities and obtain good results when you’re up against oppressive deadlines? This master-class negotiation seminar is designed to turn experienced negotiators into excellent negotiators.

Learn to increase your proficiency in overcoming hard bargainers and hard bargaining situations. Know how to analyse complex negotiation scenarios, provide a larger range of competitive and cooperative negotiation strategies and learn to “expand the pie”. More for me doesn’t need to mean less for you! In many negotiation situations, there are value-creating opportunities that can be exploited to provide “more pie” for both parties. With a focus on the psychology of persuasion as well as the importance of argument-building and creativity in negotiation success, this seminar will give you the winning edge.

A highly qualified trainer facilitates this intensive two-day experience-based seminar: you apply your new negotiation skills by taking part in a number of dynamic, interactive exercises and role plays with video feedback.


  • Equip yourself for difficult negotiations
  • Improve techniques for “getting more”
  • Approach cross-cultural negotiations
  • Prepare effectively for team negotiations
  • Devise creative solutions to expand the pie
  • Build powerful arguments
  • Regain control of the negotiation
  • Deal with someone who is more powerful than you
  • Make time work for you when you do not have much time to prepare
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships in business

      Target group

      Participants need to have successfully attended Negotiating to Win (I) or an equivalent seminar. This seminar is held in English and focuses on the skill (as opposed to simply the language) of negotiating.

      At a glance

      • Two days
      • In-company seminar – max. 6 participants; dates and prices available on request
      • Seminar at an EnglishBusiness training centre – max. 6 participants; locations, dates and prices available on request