International Presentation Skills (I)

Ensuring others listen to every word you say


Seminar goals

It’s easy to recognise a great presenter, but do you know what it takes to become one? A motivating, inspiring and convincing presentation is the key to success in many international management situations. Having a clear presentation objective, guiding your audience through this objective and communicating eloquently using skills to influence and persuade are core elements of a successful presentation. Working in the English language and with a toolbox of culturally diverse material, participants in our International Presentation Skills (I) seminar will identify and master a personal set of rhetorical skills to achieve these goals. Find your voice in any international business setting.


  • Influencing and persuading
  • Finding your style
  • Relating to your audience
  • Organising your presentation
  • Mastering powerful delivery
  • Understanding the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Mastering Q&A sessions

In this seminar the focus is on you as a learner, rather than on lecture content. Every content section makes use of brainstorming, team-teaching, group and individual work, coaching, practical exercises and demonstration. The seminar is interactive; many sections of the International Presentation Skills Seminar incorporate video analysis of each participant’s mini-presentation. A detailed handbook serves as reference material for long-term results, even after the seminar has ended.

Target group

The International Presentation Skills (I) seminar targets middle and senior management who present internally or externally to colleagues or clients in an international workplace. Even for presenters with experience, the programme offers a wealth of insight and dynamic new perspectives. It provides them with the necessary skills to revisit their approach and presentation style – for maximised results! This seminar is held in English and focuses on the skill (as opposed to simply the language) of presenting. We therefore recommend an upper-intermediate level of English (high B2 or C1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference) for participation.

At a glance

  • Two or three days – this additional day reinforces the key messages as participants deliver a fully prepared presentation using the tools and techniques acquired in the seminar
  • In-company seminar – max. 6 participants; dates and prices available on request
  • Seminar at an EnglishBusiness training centre – max. 6 participants; locations, dates and prices available on request