Building Teams Across Cultures

Training for change in multicultural, high-performance teams


Cultural diversity has been proven to be one of the top global management challenges today. The impact of different cultures on teams in the workplace is often underestimated, yet failing to consider it can have serious implications for your company. In international business, effective communication between and within teams depends on individuals being sensitive to both national and company culture. Empower your people to maximise the value of diversity, push collaboration to drive business solutions and embrace the change while reducing conflict.

A game even sceptics love to play

At EnglishBusiness, we work with a team-building exercise that takes the form of a cross-cultural simulation in which managers and international team members are plunged into an immersive foreign-culture scenario.

Without leaving the conference room, and in less than five hours, participants…

  • Experience the impact of encountering a culture that may be entirely new to them
  • Feel what it is like to understand neither a foreign language nor the accompanying body language
  • Appreciate what it is like to believe you understand a situation yet be ostracised for unknowingly breaking a cultural norm
  • Experience relief upon returning home, where everything is familiar

As a result of the simulation, participants…

  • Identify the practices, values and attitudes that make it difficult to take full advantage of team diversity
  • Are shaken loose from stereotypical ways of thinking, and develop new awareness and appreciation of people from other backgrounds
  • Identify and create common ground with their teammates, which contributes to the overall team-building effect
  • Are more effective when working in international teams, which contributes to better bottom-line results
  • Have fun and enjoy a more relaxed and constructive team atmosphere

This simulation can take as little as five hours and can be integrated into a number of other strategic conference and team-building measures. Give us a call or send us an email – our consultants would be delighted to brainstorm options with you.