Interactive Conference and Meeting Design

Create interactive formats that your staff will remember


Holding an annual kick-off meeting for your international sales team or getting your staff together for a conference or team-building exercise in English? Do you want to reduce frontal impact and move away from traditional presentations and speeches? As part of our Culture, Change & Team Building programme, we design creative, intelligent and compelling events to inspire your team and get the most out of your business. Our interactive events, such as a World Café or Market Place, are designed to empower your staff to speak their mind, make insightful contributions and then transfer what they’ve learned to the workplace. By involving participants in a collaborative process, all employees help shape the outcome of the event and ultimately your business. These are fun, memorable and personal learning experiences that keep your staff motivated and at the heart of your company.

All we need from you is a detailed briefing on the goals of the meeting or conference,the set-up for the day and any important background information. We will then work our magic to ensure your day is a roaring success – in a role that involves anything from running the entire show to supporting your people in facilitating the event themselves.

  • Deciding on the format of the conference
  • Creating the agenda for the day
  • Determining who needs to be involved in what and when
  • Setting guidelines with the participants
  • Choosing ice-breakers to get things started
  • Anticipating group dynamics and steering them
  • Establishing a system for recording results
  • Putting together a detailed list of equipment
  • Determining how it all ends – follow-up, communication results, etc.

Want to find out more?  Our consultants would be delighted to brainstorm options with you and of course to provide you with references – just give us a call or send an email to

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