IR publications in English

Financial communication at Germany’s largest airline

"EnglishBusiness is a partner agency with customised solutions: linguistic experts who are reliable throughout the process and flexible, even when something doesn´t go according to plan."                               Andreas Hagenbring, Head of Investor                                          Relations, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

In December 2005, Deutsche Lufthansa AG was searching for a new partner to produce a professional English translation of their annual report. EnglishBusiness AG proved able to satisfy stringent demands regarding the consistent usage of terminology, maintain tight deadlines and establish a translation team that would work in close contact with Lufthansa. By maintaining a continuous dialogue via regular feedback calls, comprehensive briefings and joint brainstorming sessions, EnglishBusiness learned Lufthansa’s language. EnglishBusiness now produces a range of financial texts including press releases, interim and annual financial reports and their accompanying speeches.